Day Tour By International Visitors

Day Tour By International Visitors

16 September – An ordinary day with extraordinary visitors from Taiwan and Singapore for cattle farm exploration! Eco Yap had been putting efforts on brand awareness for years and its great to be recognized by not just locals but as well as people from overseas.

What makes Eco Yap special?

Generally, a dairy cow produces 28 litres of milk per day over 10 months, compare to 4 litres of milk that a beef-suckling cow would normally make each day. A high-yielding cow may generate up to 12,000 litres over it’s entire lactation and up to 60 litres per day while lactating at its peak.

However, Eco Yap’s cows could produce 10% more milk compare to other local dairy farms. This is due to every cows are being monitored carefully since they were born – organic feeds, safe and healthy environment. 

Eco Yap is looking forward to expand its business to overseas and hoping more and more child could have a chance to taste deliciousness of Eco Yap Fresh Milk.

Eco Yap’s Farm Visiting Hours
Morning 8.00AM-10:30 AM
Afternoon 1:30PM-4:30 PM

Contact Person
Phone: 014-384 3505 (Prem)

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