Day Tour By LHDN Keningau Branch

Day Tour By LHDN Keningau Branch

3 September – Family time spent participating in regular leisure activities has been linked to stronger emotional relationships. According to research by the National Council on Family Relations, leisure activities can have a significant impact on the general health of a family. A short trip to Eco Yap’s Farm is definitely one of the top choices for families.

Today we have a visit by big group of family members from LHDN Keningau Branch. Apart from creating great memories that would last a lifetime, children are able to get closer to the nature in our busy city life. 

Moreover, children also get exposure on agriculture and farming. It’s importance to educate young generation about importance of the sectors from generating raw resources to supporting the world’s supply chain and economic growth.

Eco Yap’s Farm Visiting Hours
Morning 8.00AM-10:30 AM
Afternoon 1:30PM-4:30 PM

Contact Person
Phone: 014-384 3505 (Prem)

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