Large-Scale Rice Planting

The first large-scale rice planting project in Trusan Sapi, Beluran, with an annual output of 15,000 tons of rice, of which 600 acres of rice fields will be harvested next week.

Chief Minister Datuk Shafie Afdal, accompanied by State Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Datuk Junz Wong, inspected related rice planting plans today.

The rice cultivation plan is under the leadership of the Sabah Rural Development Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. It is revitalized when the Sabah agricultural development blueprint is implemented. The first phase of the rice field revitalization plan is 1600 hectares, with an average annual production of 15,000 tons of white rice. This is the weight after removing the rice husk; if the rice husk is included, it is 22,400 metric tons.

Junz Wong said the authorities will harvest 600 acres of rice fields next week, which will improve the local irrigation system and infrastructure to increase rice production.

He said: “This is just the Pioneer plan, which proves that the rice cultivation plan will work in Sabah. Once this plan is successful, more will be implemented in the future.”
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