About Us

Yun Fook Resources Sdn Bhd was established in 1982 by Prof (Adjunct) Datuk Yap Yun Fook and is leading the way in eco-friendly farming – using methods that allows the reuse of farming wastage for other development.

The company is responsible for the production and distribution of Eco-Yap Fresh Milk, a famous milk brand from Sabah. The dairy farm that produced the milk is located in Bomboi, Keningau spanning across 276 acres and a cow barn with over 5000 cows.

Eco-Yap milk is distributed in leading supermarket, local market and schools throughout Malaysia. Business partners and distribution channel includes Farm Fresh from JOHOR BAHRU and F&N DAIRIES MANUFACTURING SDN BHD (Kuala Lumpur / Singapore).

Our Vision

To contribute to society by developing human capital, enabling future generations to live sustainably and financially strengthening the economy

Our Mission

Demonstrating and adopting zero waste management practices, recycling, composting, reusing products wherever possible & educating society as to the importance of green living

Founder's Profile

Datuk Yap Yun Fook

Prof (Adjunct) Datuk Yap Yun Fook has been named One of Asia’s most prominent agricultural entrepreneurs. He started his humble journey in agriculture 37 years ago with only 2 cows. 

Currently, his company Yun Fook Resources Sdn Bhd owns over 5000 cows that produces 4million liters of milk a year and is the largest fresh milk supplier in Malaysia.

Our Businesses

Besides cattle rearing and fresh milk productions, Datuk Yap has established companies namely YUN FOOK PLANTATION SDN BHD and EVERGREEN LIVESTOCK SDN BHD to undertake other agricultural project & development 

Keningau Diamond Pineapple Farm
Durian Nursery in Ansip, Keningau
Fish Rearing Project
Yun Fook Quarry
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