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Eco-Yap Fresh Milk

Eco-Yap is the well-known fresh milk brand produce from Ladang Datuk Yap. The milk is processed in an Eco-friendly environment where grass are planted around the farm to feed the cow, the cow manure is turned into compose, the compose is use to fertilized the grass.

The system is so efficient that there is Zero discharge into the river and environment. Rainwater is collected to use around the farm while solar energy used to boil hot water. It took nearly 30 years experience of Datuk Yap to perfect the system. This system ensures sustainable cow farming and self-reliance.

From the cow, the milk temperature is around 28-degree Celsius and The milk chilled to 3 degree Celsius to avoid bacteria contamination. All this process is done in a high-tech milking facilities where most of the work is automated and requires only few workers

Product Packaging

Eco-Yap nutritious and creamy milk are processed and packed using the latest technology. It is certified halal and comes with 1 liter, 500ml & 200ml pasteurized packaging.

Eco-Yap Fresh Milk (1 Litre)

Eco-Yap Fresh Milk (500ml)

Eco-Yap Fresh Milk (200ml)

Eco-Yap Natural Drinking Yogurt (1 Litre)

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Product Distribution

Eco-Yap Fresh milk is distributed in local grocers and leading supermarket and Hotels throughout Sabah and Malaysia

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